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This Ford Transcon was bought in 1981. Ready for it's First Trip to the Middle East.

The Ford Transcontinental was a heavy goods vehicle tractor manufactured between 1975 and 1983 by Ford in the Netherlands and Britain.

It had a high standard of driver comfort and was high powered at that time, courtesy of the proven 14 litre Cummins engine with outputs of 290-350 HP.

It had a very strong chassis and heavy duty suspension in anticipation of weight limits being raised from 32 Tons.

Was a very reliable truck and performed well doing Middle East and Europe.  


However due to new contracts, we did need more New Trucks and Fridge Vans and not forgetting Drivers.


We were lucky with our drivers they most were very conscientious. Did the job well and looked after the trucks. I have named the drivers I remember but it was a while ago so if anyone reading this, remembers other drivers that worked with us please. Use Contact Form to let me know.


Some of the drivers named have now passed on: My Sympathy to those RIP. 


Scomo + Eskside Transport Ltd Drivers  


Alex Peat, Tam Alston, Geordie Scott, Jock Sinclair,

Ian Baillie, Rab Hamilton, Bruce Mackie,

Terry Welsh, Jimmie Moffat, Rab Forbes,Sandy McIntyre,

Harry Colquhoun, Tiger Shaw, 


Jim Dickson did maintenance and Peter McIntyre was the Tyre man. Not forgetting young John who helped out and went on to serve his time as an HGV mechanic his profession now is an independent transport journalist.

They were top men as none of our trucks ever had break downs or needed tyres on trips. Was it luck or good maintenance? I think the latter 

All Trucks and Trailers were well maintained and tyres kept in good condition.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. better late than never as I lost touch with all of the drivers above when the company was dissolved.


I have found out lately a lot of drivers and others I knew from my time driving thought I had passed on after I had an operation in Mosul in March 1984. on my last Middle East Trip   However I am still going strong.