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First Trip to Tehran

First Trip Trucks ready to roll DAF 2800 DKS + Volvo F88.

In 1974 we were offered a contract to transport goods to the Middle East by Cargo BV Amsterdam for 2 trucks. 

After investigating the rates paid by UK Companies we found Cargo BV were paying higher rates plus guaranteed return loads also paid demurrage plus empty mileage. 

As we needed 2 trucks and we only had the DAF 2800 DKS then. Andrew Alves had a Volvo and agreed to go. 

We had to paint the trucks in Cargo BV colours which we did very quick then we were ready to go.

Our first load to Teheran was from Rotterdam two loads of Fridge Freezers which we duly loaded got the tilts sealed by Customs and all the paperwork sorted by Cargo BV then headed to the Aachen border in the morning.

At the border we were lucky to meet a fellow scot who had 2 years experience doing M/E for Ian Clark London drove a Red Scania cannot remember drivers name but he always had his partner with him very nice girl.

We ran with him to Teheran and learned a lot on the way from him which I passed on to my drivers when we expanded our company. 

Which were: 

Don't run at night unless absolutely necessary. 

Try and stick to roughly 300 miles per day. Especially transiting Turkey there are good overnight stops doing around that milage. 

Drivers that have done Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait and Doha will know the regular overnight stops.

Don't sit in the Mocamp or Harem Hotel Istanbul for days drinking you don't make money doing that. Over the years I seen lots of drivers doing just that.

A day on the way out and back is sufficient and all my drivers stuck to that. Unless waiting for a load. 

He said he had witnessed many accidents by drivers running at night and trying to do to many miles and it is not worth it and over the years I have found this to be true.

We completed our first trip safely and made a good profit as we had good return loads.

I couldn’t wait to get loaded again but Andy never went back.