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Last Trip to the Middle East (Iraq)

I will always remember my first trip to the M/E. However I will never forget my last trip for the following reasons.

 I had bought a Bedford TM with a Detroit Engine to continue in Middle East work. I had formed a new company to do this and other work (Read Web Page History for Details of Why).

I decided to drive the Bedford on its first trip to Iraq in March 1984. The truck did great on the journey out.

On the 25th March 1984 I parked up outside the Mosul Customs for the night.

In the morning when I got up I had intense pain in my stomach.

The security at the customs called an ambulance and I was taken to Mosul Hospital where I was diagnosed as having a Perforated Duodenal Ulcer and needed an emergency operation.

The surgeon had studied medicine in Edinburgh, however due to the Iraq Iran war there was no blood available to operate on me. The surgeon told the Police to stop European drivers and ask if they would donate blood for my operation.

Two of Duncan MacCrae’s and Two Dutch drivers visited the hospital and gave blood, I never met them at the time or afterwards to thank them, so a belated thanks Guys.

I had a successful operation that day 26th March 1984 and remained in hospital until the 2nd April 1984. 

They would not release me until they knew someone was going to take me to Baghdad as I still had the sutures in place and a very large plaster 6” x 9” to hold everything in together for the journey home. 

Jamie an ex Frank White Driver came in and told them he was going to take me to Baghdad for a flight home a white lie. As he was on his way home.

We went to Mosul Customs where my truck was and Jamie checked over my Truck & Trailer and I then set off to Baghdad arrived there that night at the English Company I was delivering to.

They organised a flight home a few days later for me to London, my wife Cathy met me at Heathrow London and we got a flight to Edinburgh.

I later visited the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where I had the plaster removed and sutures removed every thing was fine. 

I had hired a driver to fly out and bring the truck home which was done successfully. 

I personally never did any more trips after that and concentrated on the company I had formed and continued to service the contracts I had retained from Eskside Ltd using reliable Sub Contractors.