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Scomo Transport (1970) was formed by Rab Moffat & Tam Scott.

Hence the name both have now passed on RIP. 

They were later joined by Alex Peat as a driver later to become a Partner then M/D when Scomo ventured into

Middle East & European Transport and formed, Eskside Transport Ltd


Robert Moffat had his own business which specialised in Fish Processing and Deliveries in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders also sub contracted to Dobson (Edin) on dock work when required.


Thomas Scott was a Transport manager with various companies including Dobson (Edin) &

Charles Alexander (Aberdeen) in the Edinburgh Depot.


Alex Peat had been driving trucks since 1960 when he was demobbed from the Army with various companies including  Cecil Walker (Leith) Dobson (Edin) Robert Croan (Granton) and Charles Alexander (Leith) Joined Scomo in 1970 as an oil tanker driver on the Hudson (London) Oil Contract based in Leith.


Scomo's first truck was a Foden Unit + Tanker on contract to Hudson Oils London. Followed by a Seddon Unit + Tanker.


The oil contract went quiet and the Seddon carried on with Hudson Oil, the Foden was repainted in New Scomo colours and went on contract with Dobson (Edin) where it was kept busy on tipper and long distance work. A DAF 2800 was added to the fleet and worked with Dobson (Edin) short term on the London beer contract with Scottish Brewers. 


It was then decided the DAF 2800 would go on contract with Cargo International BV (Amsterdam) to run to Middle Eastern Countries.

We were the first company from Scotland to venture to the Middle East The First Trip being from Rotterdam Holland to Teheran Iran.


Tam Scott was not happy with this decision and was bought out of Scomo with the Seddon Unit + Tanker and continued to work for Hudson Oils as an Owner Driver.


It had been decided to start a New Company named Eskside Transport Ltd to Transport General and Refrigerated Cargo to the Middle East & Europe.

A new member of staff Alan Mc Camont had joined the company in the position of Contracts Manager. Alan started to get new contracts for Frozen Foods to the Middle East, Kuwait & Doha also Frozen and Wet Fish to Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, Spain. As well as our present dry goods contracts.

We also continued to do work for Hammond of Norwich as they paid reasonable  rates.

However we found out early on, that direct work was the way to go and concentrated on our new contracts.


New Trucks & Fridge Vans were needed to fulfil new contracts and were eventually added to the fleet. Other Companies & Owner Drivers were Sub Contracted to help Service the New Contracts.


The company flourished from 1970 to 1983 when Rob Moffat decided to retire and it was decided unanimously to cease trading and dissolve the companies.


Rob retired to Durham where his wife Nell was from and her family live. 


I carried on in transport and bought a Bedford TM Detroit and Tilt Trailer to be used on Middle East work.

I also kept the most lucrative clients from Eskside Ltd and continued to sub contract in assocation with a Dutch Company.

I had always found sub contracting to be a very profitable part of transport.

I also had a look at Agency Work which was starting to become part of the Transport Industry. This was due to financial restraints on Transport Companies employing spare drivers.

However 1983 to 1988 in my life is a story of my own company.

I suffered a heart attack in January 1988. After I recovered and as I had worked long hours in transport from 1960 to 1988.

I was very good position financially to retire early Age 51.

I will be 78 in December 2015. Still reasonably healthy and mobile. 


Computing was just starting in the Nineties and as a hobby and a way keeping busy. 


I studied IT specialising in Microsoft and kept up to date on all Windows Systems and Software from before and including Windows 93 to Microsoft Windows 8.1 system and still keep up to date with all Microsoft Releases. I have just loaded the latest Windows 10 System and find it very good although there are a few faults to iron out I am sure this will be done fairly quick.


I also studied programming to enable me to build Web Pages and maintain them at that time. Now Web Sites are easy to build without progamming knowledge


I also studied Technical Accountancy using Sage Accounts & Payroll Software


Over the last year I have started to use and study Apple Computing and Software.

Starting with iPad 3 progressing to a MacBook Air then an I Phone 6 Plus I find them very good to work with and would recommend them to anyone.

I never used any of these skills commercially as they were a way of occupying

my time which is a must when you retire early.